American Mavericks

An Ode to Entropy

Inspired by John Cage. Composed by Kaivalya Deshpande
“An Ode to Entropy” is a display of randomness, improvisation and an altered meaning of silence. Entropy itself means disorder, which is exemplified in this piece. The piece was performed without prior rehearsal and the different instruments were arranged in a random order at arbitrary starting points, without accounting for rhythm or any other musical devices. The instruments were stripped of their sound, and were silenced in the form of an untuned guitar, a closed lid piano, an upside down drum, and a mesostic of the word entropy. The idea of “silencing” the instruments shows them in a different light, one which we may not realize when playing an instrument normally. It causes one to become aware of what sound really is, and what about it makes us feel a certain way. It also plays on Cage’s concept of what makes something “beautiful” and why it is we find it that that way.