American Mavericks

American Mavericks: GO!!

The first rehearsals are underway! Michael Tilson Thomas and the Orchestra are here, and the hall is full of interesting sounds, instruments, and stage props. Pianist Jeremy Denk just finished his first rehearsal with the musicians of Henry Cowell’s Piano Concerto, and next up is Ives’ A Concord Symphony. Tomorrow is opening night, and we’re excited that the American Mavericks Festival is starting.

Here’s a glimpse of what we saw and heard in the hall and backstage as the music started:

The Davies crew works on building the sets for John Cage's Songbooks

Almost finished!

Not quite sure what this is, but it was onstage in the percussion section during the rehearsal for Ruggles' Sun-treader. Any guesses?

Jeremy protects his hands from Henry Cowell's forearm tone clusters. Photo by Annie Phillips; oven mitts made possible through the generosity of Amelia Kusar.

For more about Cowell’s infamous tone clusters, check out this video featuring Jeremy Denk and MTT: