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David Del Tredici in conversation with MTT
MTT talks about Morton Feldman
Lou Harrison in conversation with MTT
Meredith Monk on her stylistic development
Lukas Foss in conversation with MTT, Part 1

Part 2

From the “American Mavericks” series

Interviews from the “American Mavericks” series (c) (p) American Mavericks Public Media. Used with permission. All rights reserved.
A Radio Profile of John Adams
Pianist Margaret Leng Tan on John Cage
An Interview with David del Tredici
An Interview with Lukas Foss
An Interview with Lou Harrison
An Interview with Meredith Monk
A Radio Profile of Meredith Monk
Dean Drummond on Partch
Phillip Blackburn on Partch
A Radio Profile of Terry Riley
A Radio Profile of Morton Subotnik


American Maverick Artist Meredith Monk on MTT, Mavericks and Taking Risks
MTT and Paul Jacobs on Lou Harrison’s Concerto for Organ with Percussion Orchestra
MTT, Joan La Barbara, and Jessye Norman on John Cage’s Songbooks
MTT on what makes a maverick
Mason Bates on Mass Transmission
MTT and Jeremey Denk on Henry Cowell’s Piano Concerto:
John Adams on Absolute Jest
Lukas Foss on the relationship between words and music Mason Bates talks about electronics in his symphonies
John Cage on silence
MTT on Ives’ Concord Symphony
Morton Subotnick’s Sidewinder
Carl Ruggles’ Angels