American Mavericks

Lukas Foss

In the Festival

Foss’s Phorion
MTT, La Barbara, Monk and Norman, San Francisco, Mar 10 & 14

(b. Berlin, Germany, August 15 1922; d. New York City, February 1 2009)

Lukas Foss came to this country at 15, when the Nazis made it impossible for his family to stay in Europe, and he became a persistent advocate of American music. He studied at the Curtis Institute and the Berkshire Music Center and as a conductor had two vastly different mentors, Fritz Reiner and Serge Koussevitzky. He was a pianist, teacher, and propagandist for new music. He served as music director of the Ojai Festival, Buffalo Philharmonic, Brooklyn Philharmonic, and Milwaukee Symphony. He wrote in virtually all styles, from Romantic to neoclassical to avant-garde.

An Interview with Lukas Foss

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