American Mavericks
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Adieu, Mavericks

With the American Mavericks Festival and Tour now complete, Davies Symphony Hall is quiet without percussion polyrhythms coming up through the floors, Paul Jacobs on the Ruffatti organ making us wonder if we just had a minor earthquake, and running into an array of props, sets, and weirdo instruments backstage.  Not to say we’re not […]

Happy Birthday Henry Cowell!

Mavericks Family Tree

The mavericks play Six Degrees of Charles Ives:

American Mavericks: GO!!

The first rehearsals are underway! Michael Tilson Thomas and the Orchestra are here, and the hall is full of interesting sounds, instruments, and stage props. Pianist Jeremy Denk just finished his first rehearsal with the musicians of Henry Cowell’s Piano Concerto, and next up is Ives’ A Concord Symphony. Tomorrow is opening night, and we’re […]